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Invoq CareCycle

Invoq CareCycle Descale


  • Languette de détartrage Invoq
  • Pour les modèles de four Invoq uniquement
  • 150 comprimés par jour. boîte

Est. 1977 Denmark

Product information

CareCycle Descale tablets can be used for Invoq Hybrid models for descaling the boiler unit, but also for all oven models for removing scale build-up in the oven cavity.

All Invoq Hybrid models come with a boiler unit descaling system. This cleans up hard water deposits ensuring optimal performance. CareCycle Descale tablets remove scale while the oven is running its cleaning program. No further intervention is needed.

As with CareCycle Clean tablets, the oven suggests the required amount of descaling tablets to match your need.

Due to risk of skin irritation HOUNÖ always recommend usage of personal protective gloves to avoid direct contact with the CareCycle Clean and CareCycle Descale tablets.


•    Sold in box
•    Quantity pr. box: 150 tablets
•    Weight: 1,4 kg
•    L x W x H (mm): 200 x 180 x 140
•    Item no: 106033

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