Suma Extend D3

Suma Extend D3


  • Liquid degreaser
  • Effective removal of grease, burnt coatings and oil
  • Sprayer included
  • Sold in pairs
  • Quantity pr. box: 2 units x 2L

Est. 1977 Denmark

Product information

Liquid degreaser, which is used undiluted to remove grease, burnt coatings and oil from
kitchen equipment such as ovens. Fast acting and very effective on greasy surfaces.
High efficiency, since the product is sprayed out and can stick to vertical surfaces.
Does not contain lye and is safe for aluminium. Sprayer included.


•    Sold in pairs
•    Sprayer included
•    Quantity pr. box: 2 units x 2L
•    Weight: 5 kg
•    L x W x H (mm): 375 x 200 x 190
•    Item no 45749


Datasheet for HOUNÖ PROTECT Suma Extend D3

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Installation manual

HOUNÖ PROTECT installation manual for Visual Cooking and CombiSlim models

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