HOUNÖ PROTECT cleaning package


  • Our recommended cleaning package
  • For ovens with an automatic cleaning system
  • 2 x 5L Rinse Aid
  • 6 x 5L Detergent Intense

Est. 1977 Denmark

Product information

HOUNÖ PROTECT startkit contains 6 x HOUNÖ PROTECT Detergent Intense
and 2 x HOUNÖ PROTECT Rinse Aid. Both products are special developed for your HOUNÖ oven!

Concentrated, acidic Rinse Aid, specially developed for ovens with an automatic cleaning system. The product contains low-foaming components, which ensures fast and streak-free drying. Furthermore, the product contains acidic components, which keeps the oven free from calcification.

HOUNÖ PROTECT Detergent Intense
Detergent for cleaning heavily soiled ovens with the automatic cleaning system. The combination of alkaline, surface-active, and calcium binding components ensures effective removal of dirt and stuck components. Furthermore, it prevents calcium deposits in hard water.

Dosage of Detergent Intense and Rinse Aid
In average the HOUNÖ combi oven uses three parts of Detergent Intense with one part of Rinse aid.


•    Sold as a complete package
•    Quantity pr. package: 8 units x 5L
•    Weight: 55 kg
•    L x W x H (mm): 280 x 190 x 300 (x4)
•    Item no 30520494

Approved for shipping in following countries:
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain

Datasheet – Rinse Aid

Datasheet for HOUNÖ PROTECT Rinse Aid

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Datasheet – Detergent Intense

Datasheet for HOUNÖ PROTECT Detergent Intense

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•    Norwegian

Installation manual

HOUNÖ PROTECT installation manual for Visual Cooking and CombiSlim models

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