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Baking start-up package
Grills, trays and sheets

Baking start-up package


  • Package tray size 400 x 600
  • Package includes 6 trays:
    • 2 x Perforated non-stick baking tray
    • 2 x Smooth non-stick baking tray
    • 2 x Silicone baking mat

Est. 1977 Denmark

Product information

The baking start-up package consists of two perforated non-stick baking trays,
two smooth non-stick baking trays and two silicone baking mats. With these six
accessories, you can use your combi oven for baking a variety of breads, pastries, cookies and cakes.


•    Sold as package
•    Package tray size: 400 x 600
•    Number of accessories in the baking start-up package: 6
•    Weight: 4,38 kg
•    Item no 33000100

Choose the correct size

3 available tray sizes

400mm long x 600mm wide

400 x 600 mm

Only relevant for combi ovens with baking racks.
530mm long x 325mm wide

1/1 GN

354mm long x 325mm wide

2/3 GN

Tray guide_all1

4 smart tips to increase the lifetime of your tray

1. Washing

When washing a tray remove any food residue or grease using kitchen paper. Wash the trays using hot soapy water and a cloth. Avoid pouring cold water on a hot tray as it can make the bottom skew.

2. Soft brushes

Use a cloth or a soft brush to clean the tray. Avoid metal sponges, scouring powder or oven cleaner as it will break the coating of the tray.

3. Low temperature

Use only low to medium heat when using the trays. Avoid using extremely high temperatures as these can cause the metal tray to bend.

4. No metal utensils

Never use metal kitchen utensils as it scratches the coating. Once damage to the coting has been done, holes in the coting can appear which eventually will make the tray unusable.